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We believe you deserve the best training, with the best trainers helping you become a Driving Instructor, with our award winning training - without it costing you thousands of pounds.

Our Approved Driving Instructor Training course is £1299 and it comes with a money back guarantee, too.

Please watch our 1 minute video, then call us on 0800 09 88 321 and we will answer your questions. We are here to help you.

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Learn more about our intensive course

How can we help you Become a Driving Instructor..?


Train for just £1299. You DO NOT need to spend thousands of £££'s
on your training. Installments to suit too.

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How can I learn about training? What is required and how do I do it? How long will it take and am I guaranteed?

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What's involved in the process? What are the legal requirements I need to know before I make a decision?

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People look to become driving instructors for many reasons. Why are you looking to be an instructor? What's important to you?

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Driving instructors can work full or part time and even work around a job or other commitments, or as their main job and career.

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We put together a series of videos to help you get as much information as possible.

Where ever you see the image on the TV, (right) click on it and you can watch the video of that topic.


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Whether you are simply looking into becoming a driving instructor for the first time, or you have researched what's involved in depth, we would like to try and help you get as much advice and information as possible before you make a decision. There is a lot to cover!


If at any point, you have a question, or would like to speak to us, please get in touch-

0800 09 88 321 - we are here to help.


As one of the UK's leading and most experienced Driving Instructor Training Companies, and with our money back refund guarantee*, you simply cannot be in safer hands.





Why are you so much better value..?


- What should it cost me? Learn More


- What does £1299 cover? Learn More


- How does this compare? Learn More


- Why are RED, BSM, etc so expensive? Learn More

What are the Tests like that I have to sit..?


- Are the tests hard? Learn More


- Where do I sit the tests? Learn More


- How much do they cost? Learn More


- What if I fail? Learn More

How do I train to Become a Driving Instructor..?


- What is the legal process? Learn More


- How do I start? Learn More


- What must I do? Learn More


- How do I choose a trainer? Learn More

What happens after I qualify...?


- Am I guaranteed a job? Learn More


- How do I run my own business? Learn More


- Where do I get a car/pupils? Learn More

Welcome to SmartDriving UK...

For over 30 years, SmartDriving expertise has been helping people like you become a driving instructor and take control of their lives.

SmartDriving UK Branches

With over 50 branches all across the UK, we are the largest Driving Instructor Training network in the whole of the Country. Working from the DVSA test centres, there will always be a SmartDriving Approved Trainer near you.

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SmartDriving Approved Trainers


Over 1500 Driving Instructors use SmartDriving to help them be the very best they can be and strive to offer more than just the 'bare minimum'. By working with instructors that believe in what we believe in -increasing the standards and improving road safety by pushing the industry forward- together we have a network of some of the best instructors in the UK.


We would have no hesitation in recommending those in our network and we are proud to call them "SmartDriving Approved".

Click here to learn more about our Approved Network and to see some of the qualifications and memberships our members have completed.


Where Do I Start?


To become a driving instructor you don't need any previous experience, just the desire to do a job that gives you the ability to take control over your life, or to earn a better living or to do something that you have always wanted to do!


To become a driving instructor, you must undertake a course of driving instructor training and this site will act as a guide and will help you learn how.


Below, we have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions so please do feel free to look around and get in touch at any time 0800 09 88 321.


This site will cover areas on and give you everything you need to know about how to become a driving instructor and driving instructor training


Why Become a Driving Instructor?


Why do people choose to become a driving instructor? Many want the earning potential, flexible work hours, job security. But the biggest appeal is often the chance to be your own boss and take control of your life/work balance.

People train to become a driving instructor for many different reasons - and we'd like you to talk to us about yours. 0800 09 88 321

The numbers of people starting driving instructor training is dropping dramatically. The country has changed.

The economy now means the ability to get money to pay for driving instructor training has virtually dried up, add this to the everyday ‘loss’ of instructors through retirement etc.. and there has never been a better time to become a driving instructor. Add this to the fact that more of the top instructors are moving into other more lucrative areas of the industry delivering coaching and development, police and local authority training AND the fact the test for learners continues to become more comprehensive and thorough PLUS only on May 10th 2010, the Government announced measures to include training post test, the demand for expert instructors is growing and ALL major driving schools are running major recruitment campaigns.

So the security is a huge factor.  

Earnings too, is a big factor. How much does a driving instructor earn? Well that depends on you. Because when you become a driving instructor you will have the choice to work as many or as few hours as you want, earnings can vary from person to person. But if you are willing to work full time, you can easily achieve a salary of over £600 per week and you are also able to move into other areas as mentioned above. Once you have completed your driving instructor training, you will be able to develop your career further if you wish and earn much, much more. Some schools are advertising salaries for managers and recruiters of £42000 per year.

However, this is a job of love and one cannot just simply complete their driving instructor training and expect a big salary or queues of pupils around the block to land in their lap! You will work hard for it! But it is your driving school, your qualification and your career so the good instructors don’t feel like this is a job, but a passion!

Your earnings are also based on how much you charge per lesson. Different areas have different prices but average is £24 per hour. Also how many pupils you teach, and how many hours you work.

You have costs of course; expenses such as petrol, tax,and a franchise fee if you work for one of the national or local schools once you become a driving instructor.

How Do I Become a Driving Instructor?


There is a Government process involved and a minimum set of requirements to train. Click here to learn more about how to be a driving instructor. IF YOU ARE UNSURE, just ask us! Call 0800 09 88 321.


How Do I And Where Do I Train For My Driving Instructor Training?

Your tests and any in car training will be done around your local test centre. There are local DVSA (Driver & Standards Agency) centres near every major town centre. You practice and driving instructor training will take this into account. Click here to learn more about what is needed to train.


What is involved in the Training?

Any training should cover the syllabus for the 3 tests. Click here to learn more about driving instructor training.


How Long Does It Take To Complete Driving Instructor Training?

The Government process is designed to take at least 16 weeks. But it is up to you. You can take as long or as quickly as you need. HOWEVER, the government process of CRB, PDI registration to be a driving instructor and testing will take it at least 16 weeks. Click here to learn more


How Much Does Driving Instructor Training Cost?

Be aware of the ‘big’ driving schools charging £2500-£4000. There is no need for driving instructor training to cost this much. Click here to learn more about costs.


What about when I qualify?


There are lots of options open to you once you qualify. Running your own business, working for a Driving School or teaching learners in your own car in your spare time. Click here to learn more about your options after you become a driving instructor.

Learn how to become a driving instructor and all the facts about driving instructor training from SmartDriving the UK's leading experts and largest driving instructor training network covering the whole UK.


If at any point you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us - 0800 09 88 321.

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